Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SA expats vote tomorrow: NB information

Tomorrow I will be making my way to the South African High Commission in Trafalgar Square to cast my ballot. The absentee vote was something that had to be pried out of the jaws of the ANC government by our superb Constitutional Court.

I'm sorry it had to take a judicial order and that the government came up with such cynical explanations as to why they couldn't allow the short-term expatriates to chose who would lead their country. But the silver lining was that it showed the durability of the courts and the executive's (reluctant) acceptance of its legitimacy.

The IEC and the SA mission in London have released some important information about tomorrow's voting process. You will have to bring your VEC10 form, passport, identification document. You are also urged to bring along your VEC1 form, which can be downloaded on the IEC website.

If you are away from a printer today you needn't fear, as VEC1 forms will be available on election day. However, I strongly suggest you print out this form to quicken the voting process tomorrow. Lets meet the IEC halfway on this one as they are doing their bit to ensure we exercise our democratic right. Lets also show the nation how much balooney the government was talking when they said the logistics would be too much to manage by ensuring we vote quickly and efficiently.

See you there!

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  1. Pse note difference between VEC10 (as in "ten")forms and VEC1 (as in "one") forms. Important!