Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I've been a stranger to the blogosphere for a while now. Appy-polly-logies for the muteness but I have been working as an intern in the news department at Classic FM in Joburg for about two months. I have been involved in almost the entire spectrum of radio broadcasting and news production and it has been a incredible priviledge. My duties included:

  • Writing radio news stories
  • Editing print (wire) stories for radio usage
  • Diary formulation and lead generation
  • Researching and interviewing for lead stories
  • Audio editing of sound bites.
  • Sports news writing and reading.
  • Field reporting.
  • Transferring news copy and audio to web.

Working at Classic has been an amazing experience but it has left me utterly exhausted at the end of the day (especially after hours of sitting in traffic). It is difficult to appreciate the speed with which news is produced and the effort required to present contemporary events in a fair and accurate manner until you are required to do so yourself.

So forgive me if the last thing I wanted to see upon my return home is a back-lit LCD screen.

Good news for bloggers out there is that all your ceaseless typing can pay off sometimes. Quid Pro Quo helped to get me noticed in the media world and was also a dry-run for the type of work I ended up doing in my formal journalism.

I am still working at the station as a part-time sports reader (my nerd credentials have taken a major knock). You can listen to me on 102.7 fm in the Joburg Metropolitan area or online at

I'm on at 16h30 and 17h30 tomorrow and Friday.


  1. Hi David
    I think it would be great if you can still post the occasional blog - having only recently found your blog in the blogosphere I think you have really interesting things to say! I would be fascinated for example to know what you think about how COPE is doing (not doing?). The news about Dennis Bloem being on 2 lists, Sello Moloto being COPE's first (possibly last, and certainly shortest-lived) Premier for a few hours in Limpopo this week etc etc... We live in fascinating times!

  2. sorry Dave, my comment was inadvertently posted under my son's name - the comment is from me!

  3. Thanks Mark

    Yes, indeed these are interesting times. The problem is that they are so interesting that it is easy to get caught up in the swirl of events. i.e. Bloem, Moloto, et al. The endless minutia of SA Pol can get quite exhausting. I think in future I will try to post more substantively but less frequently.

    I have a slightly ambiguous view towards COPE, so I that will be put down in writing at some stage.

    Thanks for the encouragement and for blogrolling me. I think I might reciprocate as my roll is in need of refreshing.