Friday, November 7, 2008

Voter registration this weekend

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is urging its readers to get out and register to vote at their local voting station tomorrow and Sunday.

See the information in the above image or go to the Independent Electoral Commission's website for more details. URL:

Speaking of the IEC site; it has come to my attention that it only runs on Internet Explorer, which is a major oversight. Considering the fine record of the Commission in the past I am hoping that these kinds of errors will not become a permanent feature of their work.

If I were a conspiracy theorist I would be spinning some ripping good yarns about secret agendas at the IEC. Thankfully I'm not, but it is rather suspicious and I can think of no good reason why they would limit access to a single browser. C'mon guys, there are plenty of geeks out there - hire them!

If you are a Chrome or Firefox user and you want to know how to circumvent these problems see the fine new blog on everything ICT, South Africa Connect.

Specifically, this article:

'How to hack into the IEC website with a non-IE browser in two easy steps'

SA Connect is co-authored by Alex Comninos, a friend of mine from UCT. Alex is a fusion of computer nerd and social scientist and he is thus perfectly placed to speak meaningfully about the role that ICT plays in our lives. I will be watching this blog with a keen eye, as so far the posts have been very interesting (including this one on Obama as the world's first Web 2.0 president).

Hat tip to Nic at SA Rocks for the original image of the registration poster. BTW, Nic is becoming quite the activist these days and has really shed a lot of critical light on political awareness in his recent posts. Good to see, Nic.


  1. Hi David,

    Thanks for the links and mention. I'm really trying hard to push the voter/registration thing. It's definitely going to be a focus for me from now until the elections.

    Keep an eye out on monday, I have an interesting voter-driven project launching then! :)

  2. Nic

    No problem. I read your site often as I have you on my Google Reader through RSS, but will definitely keep an eye out.

    I'm also working on a couple of "get out the vote" campaigns. Although comparatively SA has a high voter turnout than most countries there has been a downward trend since 1994 which should be checked.

    I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to be voting though. I have some embarrassingly apolitical friends and many of them are registering this weekend which tells me something positive.