Monday, November 3, 2008

Voices of the SANC: Mluleki George

Mluleki George, former Deputy Minister of Defense, speaks to David Ansara about the SA National Convention, its achievements and plans for the future.

Mluleki George, what are your impressions of today – a success?

MG: Well not just a success, but a great success. We are happy and we got what we wanted from the whole of South Africa. We are moving forward.

DA: When you look back on this moment five, ten, fifteen years from now what is the memory that is going to stand out from today?

MG: The memory today is that after many years we gathered all the people of South Africa under one roof, from all walks of life, and we talked about the problems of the country.

DA: What do you think is the biggest challenge for this movement?

MG: The biggest challenge of course is to market itself; it’s a new organization so it must market itself. Secondly of course it must raise funds because to win elections we must have a reasonable amount to come [sic].

DA: Where to now? Are you going to go back to the Eastern Cape to meet with your constituency?

MG: Yes, definitely.

DA: What are you going to tell them about today?

MG: We are going to tell them that now we are on the move. They must go to all the people in the Eastern Cape and tell them that we want to win the Eastern Cape. We don’t think winning the Eastern Cape is an issue to us. It’s the question of how much and what will be the extent of our successes.

DA: We’ve talked about what’s going on in your head; what’s going on in your heart? Is this a poignant moment for you?

MG: It's a very important moment. You know it’s excitement but at the same time regret. We never thought we would talk about us leaving the ANC.

DA: I suppose when you joined the ANC the history was behind that movement and now the history is yours to make in the future.

MG: That’s exactly what I’m saying. We never thought that one day we would leave the ANC. That’s it - it’s a very emotional moment. It’s not an easy thing.

DA: Well, we wish you all the best of luck. Thank you for talking to Quid Pro Quo.

MG: Thank you very much.

Photo by Jared Jeffrey.

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