Monday, November 3, 2008

SANC: Initial thoughts


Yesterday's South African National Convention (SANC) was an incredible moment for our young democratic dispensation and QPQ was at the Sandton Convention Centre to bear witness to this historic change.

It was a day filled with conflicting emotions: disappointment as well as optimism. Disappointment at the African National Congress, the liberation movement which for so long has represented the hopes and dreams of all South Africans but which has failed to build the peaceful, inclusive society for which we all yearn. Its intellectual tradition is subdued, its leadership bereft of vision and incapable of articulating a new agenda for SA politics. Intimidation, calls to violence and a suspicion of pluralism and debate. These are the conditions under which the SANC has emerged.

Out of this has come a renewed optimism, a hope that something else is emerging on the horizon that will, if not replace, then challenge the dominant party at the polls next year.

Jared Jeffrey and I were fortunate enough to meet and engage with a range of people, from delegates to opposition politicians, volunteers, media observers and SANC leaders themselves. Over the next few days QPQ will be bringing you interviews, analysis and some alternative insights into one of the most compelling phenomena in SA politics since 1994.

Photo by David Ansara


  1. I believe change is good if handled in a good way, and the truth is ANC has relied entirely on their status as a revolution movement for a long time without any strategies, so this new party will definately make them to become more active and strategic and hopefully also apreciative of the role we (the ordinary) are playing invoting them in.

  2. The main benefit that I see in the breakaway is that it has destroyed the mythology of the ANC as the only custodians of the liberation struggle.

    Regardless of the ideological direction that the new party takes, the best outcome will be a more accountable and sensitive ANC that doesn't rule just because it can, but does so with the trust of the people.

    I'm curious Phorane, what would it take for you to vote for the new party?