Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pallo Jordan at UJ tonight


ANC NEC member Pallo Jordan is to deliver a lecture at the University of Johannesburg tonight. He is speaking as part of Xolela Mangcu's Platform for Public Deliberation. Dr. Mangcu has added a renewed vigour to UJ by bringing the Platform over from Wits.

However, apart from the footer in his Business Day columns, the marketing has been woefully inadequate for this event. A cursory look through Google has revealed little. All I know is that the focus will be on "current political developments". Obviously.

Here are the vitals:

WHERE: Council Chambers, University of Johannesburg (Kingsway Campus)

DATE: Thrusday 13 November, 2008

TIME: 18h00

Jordan is something of an unusual figure in contemporary politics. He has been on the receiving end of Thabo Mbeki's rath, having been sacked from the cabinet in 1999, only to be reinstated in 2004, albeit in the relatively minor post of Minister for Arts and Culture.

QPQ echoed Jordan's call for "generational change" in the ANC leadership prior to Polokwane, but as we all know that wasn't to pass. It is something of a mystery to me what his future will be under a Zuma presidency. Overall, I have often been impressed with Jordan's intelligent and nuanced approach to politics and his speech should continue with that tradition.


  1. Erm, I didn't actually echo his call in 2007 because I didn't have a blog then (pity). But I did support him in my head.

  2. Apparently Pallo was quite critical of his Comrades in this speech.

    More on this later...