Monday, October 6, 2008

US elections briefing in the Economist

In The Economist this week there is brilliant series of articles on the upcoming presidential elections this November in the United States. It's appropriately titled 'The battle of hope and experience'

Will America choose the old hero who favours tax cuts for business and the rich and backed George Bush’s wars? Or the young man who promises health care for all, a swift exit from Iraq and more money for the average worker? As America’s financial system buckles, this ought to be an unlosable election for the Democrats. But it isn’t.

You can download the full pack in PDF, which I recommend, or you can access each article as separate installments online. The PDF is available at this link.

Topics include: how the candidates would deal with the fallout in the economy, the two wars - Iraq and Afghanistan, violent crime (a largely unexplored issue in the election thus far) as well as healthcare, regulation and trade, foreign policy and the 'struggle over values'.

The election is proving closer than expected, but as I write it seems as if the Palin effect is diminishing and McCain's stated indifference to economics will be his undoing if voters' concerns about the financial crisis continue into next month.

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