Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seminar: Centre for Indian Studies in Africa

I will be attending this seminar tomorrow afternoon. My dissertation was on Indian politics, albeit on a earlier, poorer era, but I am nevertheless fascinated by the topic. (I also spent 3 months touring the country in my heyday).

Two pertinent questions:
  • Will the global financial crisis put a halt on India's supernatural growth? AND
  • Is India's growth creating sustainable wealth for the society as a whole or merely the few?

Two related but tangential points:
  • Spare a thought for steel baron Lakshmi Mittal who recently lost £16 billion of his £33.24 billion fortune due to the Credit Crunch. The ArcelorMittal chairman is in a lot of pooh, but not as much as the rural peasants whose food security is looking rather perilous.
  • India is planning its first lunar mission. The 21st Century space race is heating up! If the train system is anything to go by, it will work really well, but never be on time! [Hat-tip to Irreverance.]


The Centre for Indian Studies in Africa invites you to a seminar:

"Four inconvenient truths about India's economic growth"

Shanta Devarajan

Shanta Devarajan is currently the World Bank Chief Economist for Africa. He was previously the Chief Economist for the Bank’s South Asia region and for its Human Development Network. He was the director of the World Development Report 2004, Making Services Work for Poor People.

TIME: 1 - 2.15 pm, Thursday 23 October 2008.
WHERE: Borkum Hare Room, 1st floor, New Commerce Building
West Campus, Wits University

All welcome.
Visitor parking available next to the Tower of Light.
For more information: Marie 011-339-1757

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  1. Thanks to Alex Comninos at the EDGE Institute for telling me about the seminar.