Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SA Judiciary Debate @ Conhill

Tomorrow's debate at Constitution Hill looks interesting, especially given the current pressures on the courts by certain factions of the ANC and other members of the tripartite alliance. 

The speakers are a nice mix, although only one is actually a member of the judiciary - Ntsebeza. He was the head of the investigative unit of the TRC and recently defended Cape Judge President John Hlophe against allegations of improper conduct by the ConCourt judges. Ntsebeza will most likely be talking on the subject, but obviously as Hlophe's advocate he will be limited in what he can discuss given his closeness to the case.

I am not adverse to hearing de Lille, but I don't know if her contributions will be substantive enough. I am looking forward to meeting Friedman - this is his blog on ThoughtLeader - as he has been the go-to man for clarity on the current political upheavals. 

I think Mangcu generally offers unique counter-views and I have blogged positively about him in the past. That said, Mhambi and others weren't too pleased with Mangcu's position on the latest Zapiro controversy ('Zapiro is guilty of being a cartoonist in South Africa'). That cartoon will no doubt feature highly in the discussion.

I will be there tomorrow at six taking notes and I encourage you all to come along. Email me.

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  1. This debate was a bit of a let-down. Half the panel didn't pitch (Mangcu and Ntsebeza) and there was quite a poor turnout.

    Nevertheless, glad I went.