Monday, October 13, 2008

Helen Joseph Memorial Lecture @ UJ


This lecture will feature Prof. Kader Asmal, a former cabinet minister and prominent intellectual of the ANC discussing 'Law, morality and ethics in public life in South Africa'.

As a legal scholar Asmal should be well positioned to speak clearly about the role of the legal system in our society and the notion of public morality. As an ANC insider it would be of interest to see how he views the party's commitment to upholding the rule of law and the tension between judicial independence and the promotion of a transformation agenda.

Also, as the primary agents of the liberation movement are the ANC still equiped to defend constitutional democracy and is the factionalism that has riven the organisation apart threatening to undermine voices of moderation in its ranks?

A guess as to his topics: the recent attacks on the judiciary, the public utterances of the ANC Youth League vis-a-vis the rise of Jacob Zuma and his high-profile trial last month. Questions about leadership and the strength of our democratic institutions against the excesses of power should also feature highly.

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