Monday, September 29, 2008

QPQ - Quiet, Perplexed and Questioning

William Kentridge, Zenomannets

As some of you are no doubt aware, Quid Pro Quo has been rather mute lately. Events in South Africa have moved with such rapidity that it was all that I could do to try to take everything in myself, let alone crystallize it for my hordes of adulating readers.

In part this silence was because I felt that critical and substantive insights were generally lacking by most media commentators and political analysts and that mere summary of events was all that could be achieved under the circumstances.

But mostly I was paralysed by the frustration and melancholy that has affected so many people in our country over the last month. Our ruling party is stretching its popular mandate to its limits and it seems that rational debate over our future has given way to hubristic ideological posturing. To quote Yeats, "the best lack all conviction and the worst are filled with passionate intensity."

Although I am not saying I am the best, I certainly lacked conviction. But nothing is achieved by sitting on one's hands so herewith begins my renewed blogging activity.

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